Current Release: 6.1.0

Released on Thursday, Jan 11, 2018

Overview of changes since 6.0.8 release.

The changes since the prerelease 6.1.0-rc1 contain few bug fixes and improvements of the CI.


New processes:

Other process’ changes:

Material model changes

Testing and documentation:

  • Insitu visualization with ParaView Catalyst. See presentation. #1744, #1732. As a consequence VTK 7.1 is now required.
  • Benchmark docs are now part of the code (in web/content) and can contain interactive 3D visualizations via vtk.js. #1706, #1714, #1723, #1729.
  • Migrated handling of test data files from git-submodule to git-lfs, see docs. #1964, #1982, #1984, #2010, #2012. Now git-lfs is required. Check the installation instructions.


  • Fully moved to Conan for automatic third-party library handling. Can be enabled with OGS_USE_CONAN=ON, see docs. #1907
  • Conan version 1.0 is now required.
  • Dropped travis CI environment and added few new tests on Jenkins because of simpler maintenance.

CMake options changes:

  • OGS_EIGEN_DYNAMIC_SHAPE_MATRICES defaults to OFF on Release config, ON otherwise. Can be overridden by explicitly setting the option. #1673
  • New OGS_EIGEN_INITIALIZE_MATRICES_BY_NAN defaults to ON for easier spotting of non-initialized matrices. When OFF, the Eigen’s default initialization to 0 is skipped resulting in slightly faster execution.
  • Set default Eigen’s cmake flag disabling vectorization since this lead to several problems in different environments. and the issue linked there


  • PETSc config is tested on Jenkins (envinf1)
  • OGS binaries are provided as eve / envinf1 modules. See docs for details. #1753
  • Migrated Data Explorer to Qt5. #1622, #1625
  • Windows builds are tested on MSVC 2017 on own hardware and on MSVC 2015 on AppVeyor. #1802
  • Minimum GCC version is 4.9 (tested on Travis and Docker builds), 6.2 is tested on UFZ cluster system (envinf1). #1810
  • Removed Windows 32-bit builds from testing –> no Windows XP binaries are provided anymore. #1988
  • Migrated Jenkins Pipeline scripts to new syntax called Declarative Pipeline. #1976
  • Tests to check the gradient of shape function by comparing the given and the computed element volumes (

Latest development version

Here you can find the latest version of OpenGeoSys. But be warned: although this version was successfully tested by the continuous integration system it may be unstable or incomplete...

Commit Info

Wednesday, Jan 9, 2019 by Lars Bilke:

Merge pull request #2310 from bilke/test-runtime Optimize ctest runtime GitHub Commit Link

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Older releases

We also provide binaries for OpenGeoSys-5!

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